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Becoming a pro drone pilot

colorful image of a young drone pilot and drone, with text 'Want to be a drone pilot ?'

our guide & tips

PlayMakers Summer Youth Conservancy Production of Cabaret

A very professional production of Cabaret, that just happens to have students in it…

check out the story

Ragtime @ PlayMakers is Amazing

our photos (including Hamilton's Fergie L. Philippe)

A peek at casting 6 year olds for the Broadway tour of ‘Waitress’

Go behind the scenes for a casting call at DPAC.

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our photo story about a very funny event at American Underground in Durham.

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What’s it like centerstage at DPAC?

Here’s my post linking to our 360° view from center stage at the Durham Performing Arts Center in Durham NC.

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1 Week @ HuthPhoto

DPAC Broadway cast party, a NY theatre show, and staying up waaaayyy too late in this fun 2 minute video

watch it



See the cool photos & interesting folks and events of our new hometown, Durham NC!

see our NiftyDurham photos


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Huthphoto in Action!

What does a HuthPhoto shoot feel like? The HuthPhoto Team likes to think we've got capturing strong, memory-filled images down to a science — and usually adding a little fun is part of the formula! From Colin snapping some YMCA Camp action from a moving boat, to...

Best Event Venues in Durham, Raleigh and the Triangle NC

Get a peek at the coolest venues for your Triangle NC area event on our pin-board.We're fortunate enough to cover events all over the Triangle for our publication clients, which means we see ALL the cool spots that you might be considering holding your event. Check...

What’s it like doing photography in an operating room ?

What it's like to do photography of an operating room at Duke:   Colin and I are medically cleared to work in OR's, which involves lots of exciting shots and tests.   Duke OB/GYN wanted to show off their robotic surgery work, as well as the teaching aspect...

Mac/PC/Chromebook — Which One is Best for Small Business?

Note: This is for a non-techie, non-gamer person. Just for a small business person with an iPad, iPhone who might want to do creative things for her business (and uses Wix for a web site so needs more than a tablet.) And it's NOT trying to start a Mac/PC flame war......

Time Lapse Video of a Theatre Stage

Changing a set between acts is a huge process But you can see it all happen fast in our time lapse video. The unique set designed for PlayMaker's new play 'Dot' is two sided and pivots. Check out how this bit of stage magic happens super-fast during intermission......

Tips for Becoming a Photographer

People ask me fairly often about getting started in photography (for fun or as a small business). Here's some of what I say & resources for learning to be a better photographer.   So, you are into photography and wondering if you can do more with your camera, or...

Which Canon Wide Angle Lens is the Best ?

How to choose the best wide angle lens: Canon has several quality levels of lenses, as well as some pretty subtle differences in features. A client asked me to help her choose between the Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM and the Canon EF 17-40 f/4L USM, and here's what...

City Market Event Venue in Raleigh NC

Check out the City Market downtown Raleigh event venue . We did a YMCA of the Triangle event at the City Market in downtown Raleigh and it was a cool spot with indoor/outdoor options on the cobblestone street. Plusses: Urban vibe, close to all things Raleigh. Very...

Archive of older things:

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Hamilton Timelapse

with the national tour of Hamilton coming, we created an awesome time lapse video for DPAC

see the video & photos


Triangle Rising Stars

go backstage and see all the hard work that goes into creating a show

see them all


What’s it like on a pro theatre photo shoot?

a peek behind the scenes for the PR shoot of My Fair Lady at PlayMakers in Chapel Hill NC

check out the story


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