Check out our Huthphoto Team in Action!

A peek at our BTS showing what goes into our photoshoots

What does a HuthPhoto shoot feel like?

The HuthPhoto Team likes to think we’ve got capturing strong, memory-filled images down to a science — and usually adding a little fun is part of the formula! From Colin snapping some YMCA Camp action from a moving boat, to seeing the magic of experiments at Morehead Planetarium, here’s your peek at some recent BTS moments front & center!

Gotta say, the fun we have on our shoots really helps our subjects have thier best time in front of the camera. 

It’s hard to get permission to put the drone up at Duke (UNC as well), so up the ladder we go, to get the best view without anyone in the back having their heads blocked.
We show an early portrait snap to each subject so they can comment on any tweaks — and you can just feel them getting more confident once they see their photo really *will* come out nice.

How Colin snaps hundreds of Duke Nursing grads 2x a year in the Chapel. (While Ken roams around getting the fun candid photos you see us post!) Photos from the event HERE.

Camille Mahs at the camera practicing portraits with Savion. Oliver of course on tech.
The camera is wired to the laptop, where it records the photo and we pre-label the images with the person’s name.
The laptop sends the photos to remote iPads for the subjects to pick their favorite image for retouching.
With Oliver running tech!
He’s a boss, and I’m never more confident than when he’s on a big shoot keeping our intricate tech systems going.
Oliver graduates this year & some smart-growing tech company is bound to snatch him up as a coder…

Colin making the day fun for a Duke Health faculty/staff member!

Want to have this kind of fun with us on YOUR next project…

Helping show off some cool STEM at an event for Morehead Planetarium. (see those event photos HERE)
BTW, people always ask… the thing on top of my flash is a softening dome that is just like how clouds soften the glaring light on a pleasant cloudy day.

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