portrait & headshot portfolio

Great, confident, staff portraits give the vibe of who your Organization is

We offer two kinds of portraits: Location Portraits & Headshot Portraits.

Location Portraits by HuthPhoto:

You are in a cool location (your office, nearby, or anywhere you’d like), and it gives you more options, and shows off the feel of your organization, and YOU off so much more.

Headshot Portraits by HuthPhoto:

These are your go-to photo for staff portraits on your website, Linkein photos, and buidling up an efficient file of photos to use in your publications and social media.

We’ll be happy to walk you through your choices, and you can start that process HERE.

Your staff will thank you!

Whichever you choose, Location or Headshot, believe me, from years of experience, your staff, Board members — everyone, will thank you for giving them a terrific photo to represent them selves and your company.

Location Portrait Portfolio

The mainstay of our portrait service, we’re asked to do creative portraits, on tight schedules for publication, donor profiles, magazine cover stories, and as part of our premier custom image file packages.

Headshot Portrait Portfolio

Wether it’s a studio background, white or classic gray (or even a green-screen to help us match all future updates to your staff photos), our headshot service & systems will get your staff done in a jiffy.

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