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from headshots to wow drone views... we've got unique ideas for you

What kind of photos does HuthPhoto do?

Photo of two boys in colorful YMCA shirts laying on a white floor and cheering

Corporate & PR

Everything from striking photos of a speaker, to full-blown cover stories for your publications — Learn more about our Commercial & PR Photography Services

portrait of a female doctor with a soft modern building background behind her

Portraits & Headshots

One of our most active services, we can get you photos of your key folks for publications in a variety of interesting environments.

We also for the classic business headshot, but with the twist of being experienced at organizing photo days that can move a huge number of subjects (think a Duke or UNC med school class) though our system quickly and smoothly.



image of kids in a circle of hammocks at a YMCA camp

Unique Drone Still & Video

People often think of drone photos just as super-high skyline or beach views… but having pro image makers planning the shots, drone photos from our HuthPhoto >air service are so much more.

image of a video screen with title for a Duke University Head of Pharmacy



Maybe you need a few video interviews to go along with the portraits we’re already taking for you, and you realize how much easier it is to use HuthPhoto as your one stop shop for the whole project.


Or you might have a cool project involving portraits and video interviews all across the state (or the northeast), and we can handle that for you too.


note: we have more content via the YouTube button below, and more recent projects are uploading this week!




close up view of an African American female surgeon

Medical & Tech Images

We’re screened for surgery work, fast on a Doc’s schedule and hip to HIPAA regulations.


We have a wide variety of experience from tech clean rooms, to suiting up for bio-hazard lab shoots, to scrubbing in for some of the most unique procedures around.

younger boy smiling, being held upside down by an older boy and girl

Custom Images Files

Our premier service. Just like having a custom stock photo library for your organization.

We create a long-term file of images that help you redesign your web site, create a year of publications, or show off a bit in social media.

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