I’ve had the good fortune to be asked by clients to photograph many famous people. Really, any active photographer can come up with such a list, and a news photographer at any local paper will have done so much more.

So why post it at all?

Well, first it’s fun for me to remember all of these shoots and over time I’ll add some photos as well. Also, many clients and friends get a kick out of hearing who I’ve photographed.

But it does suggest that clients trust me again and again when it’s one of their ‘big’ high-stress shoots.

Business Figures

Business Figures:

Steve Wozniak Apple co-founder and all around good guy. For RIT

Dean Kamen Tech genius and inventor of the Segway

Tom Golisano Founder of Paychex and wonderful philanthropist with the Golisano Foundation. For RIT, UR, etc

Danny Wegman CEO of one of the best food market chains in the US and philanthropists for the University of Rochester & for Wegmans too

Bruce James The official printer for the United States (for RIT)

Richard Tenhagen that turned Harley Davidson around for KeyBank

Richard Hamer  The guy that coined the phrase ‘Paradigm Shift’

Ann Mulcahy CEO of Bausch and Lomb

Kodak CEO’s Kay Whitmore many times as well as Daniel Carp & all the CEOs that followed

Sports Figures

Sports Figures:

Bob Costas  Premier sports reporter, for the University of Rochester

Abby Wambach  Women’s Soccer and Olympic star & Athlete of the Year. Abby Info HERE  For MVP Health Care and also for RIT

Jim McMahon QB for the Chicago Bears for URMC.  HERE

Blaine McCallister PGA Golfer for the UofR

Jeff Sluman  PGA Golfer and Rochester Native. For UofR

Kathy Turner Olympic Gold Speed Skater (Several occasions… Geva Theatre and Churchville-Chili Schools)

Jim Kelly Hall of Fame QB for the Buffalo Bills (for St. John Fisher and RIT many times)

Drew Bledsoe and also once his Dad Mac who give a great motivational speech for St. John Fisher College

Ralph Wilson and most every other Bills player and staff for St. John Fisher as they host training camp.

Mel Allan ‘the voice of baseball’ for SUNY Geneseo

Scott Hamilton Paul Wylie and Susie Wynn Figure Skaters for WXXI Broadcasting

Political Figures

Other Political Figures:

Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Barak for the Jewish Federation of Rochester

President Joe Biden for the Durham Performing Arts Center & Mr. Biden’s tour pre-presidency. Photos HERE

Congresswoman Gabby Giffords & NASA Astronaut Husband Mark Kelly  for RIT

Vice President Dick Cheney for RIT (before he was the VP)

Secretary of State Colin Powell for RIT & again for University of Rochester

Senator/Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Many times for High Tech Rochester, the UofR, RIT) Photos HERE

Senator Louise Slaughter (for everyone at some point in Rochester I think 😉

Senator and for Presidential Candidate Paul Simon for the Associated Press

George Pataki NY Governor for RIT

NY Governor Mario Cuomo  for the AP, RIT and others

…and his son NY Governor Andrew Cuomo for RIT

John Kennedy Jr political activist for RIT or the AP, I’m not sure…

Ted Kennedy Jr. for University of Rochester Medical Center

Abba Eban the Legendary leader of Israel

Heads of State

Heads of State:

President Joe Biden for the Durham Performing Arts Center & Mr. Biden’s tour (pre-presidency). Photos HERE

President George W. Bush for Greece Schools (I still have my White House press pass up on my office wall) Photos HERE

President Jimmy Carter for RIT

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhuto for St. John Fisher College

President of Ireland Mary McAlise for RIT

Lech Walesa of Poland for Fisher

Mary Robinson of Ireland for Fisher

Other Interesting People

Other Interesting People:

Ira Glass host of This American Life for Durham Performing Arts Center

Joel Meyerowitz legendary photographer for the George Eastman House

Ellie Wiesel Holocaust survivor, Author and Nobel Prize Winner for the Jewish Federation

Anderson Cooper for the University of Rochester

Bill Nye the Science Guy for RIT

Dr. Ruth Westheimer for the Associated Press

Colin Powell 4 star general & Secretary of State for RIT & also for the University of Rochester

Pete Turner Photographer for George Eastman House Some Photos HERE

Geraldo Rivera reporter for Lifetime Assistance

Bob Ballard explorer who found the Titanic (for the Rochester School for the Deaf’s cool ‘Adventures in Education’ lecture series

Nick Ut and ‘the girl in the picture’ Kim Phuc (Nick took that amazing Vietnam photo of the crying girl running down the road and Kim is that girl who’s life is pleasant now living here in the west and her faith sustains her) Photos HERE

Jaime Escalante, the “Stand and Deliver” Teacher for the Greece School District. Man is he passionate about everyone’s ability to learn!



Jamie Hyneman for RIT. Photos HERE

Opera Star Renée Fleming for the UofR and Eastman School of Music

Isabella Rossellini for the George Eastman House. Photos HERE

Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock on Star Treck, Classic BW Photographer, etc) for the Jewish Federation. Photos HERE

Christopher Reeves

Meryl Streep for the George Eastman House Photos HERE

Candice Bergen for GEH

Mr. McFeeley from Mr. Rogers… what a cool guy (so much younger than the make up makes him look. And a fellow Pittsburgher!) for WXXI

Director John Landis (Animal House and others) and Ray Harryhausen (Special effects pioneer) for GEH

Animation legend Chuck Jones who did Bugs Bunny! for GEH

Henry Winkler (the Fonz from Happy Days and a really great guy) for the Jewish Federation

Alan King for the Jewish Federation

Larry King for the Jewish Federation

Barbara Walters for the Jewish Federation & a second time for the University of Rochester

80’s alternative pop band Squeeze and Jools Holland portrait for the LA Times

Jeff Tyzik of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra for Rush-Henrietta Schools

Christopher Seaman also of the RPO for Seniors First

Garth Fagan & Garth Fagan Dance (choreographer for the Lion King on Broadway) for their 35th anniversary season


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