DPAC Hamilton Timelapse

2 days in 36 seconds as Durham gets excited to see Hamilton!

DPAC wanted something extra-cool to show off the excitement of announcing the Hamilton tour.

So we planned with them and over a period of two days photographed a time-lapse of the banner going up. Every 20 seconds during the work a photo was snapped from the nearby Aloft hotel— they ended up just giving me my own key to come and go 🙂

I think the final video is pretty mesmerizing… watching the banner grow, the time of day change, and blink in and out. Such a fun project!



Number of images taken over 2 days:

Tech Info:

Fuji Xe-2 camera on solid video tripod

Auto ISO & Exposure to handle the light change all day and eve (ISO 200-800 day, then boosted to 1600 in the eve)

Editing & light image prep in Lightroom to cut the dull parts and make color & contrast more appealing

Video created from still images in Final Cut X with the fastest transition 1 image for 1 frame of the video

5th Floor of the Aloft Durham (Room 528 if you want this view during YOUR stay!)

(Note: Make sure you click the gear icon to see the video in HD.)

Want to see a behind the scenes peek at the view as I was working? It’s on Facebook HERE

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