What's it like doing photography in an operating room at Duke ?

we do still photos and video clips in the OR for Duke OB/Gyn

What it’s like to do photography of an operating room at Duke:

Colin and I are medically cleared to work in OR’s, which involves lots of exciting shots and tests.
Duke OB/GYN wanted to show off their robotic surgery work, as well as the teaching aspect (the second Da Vinci unit is so a younger doc can also be involved and learn from the surgery).
We have to arrive crazy early in the morning, get in a surgical clean suit, in some situations scrub in, then we off we go to capture the surgery. We can’t touch anything in the OR, and try to stay as much out of the way as possible.
Duke OB used us to do some HD video clips as well, rather than add another person into the overflowing surgery suite. We offer the video clip service as an add on to most shoots, as a quick way to get high quality bits of video for your social media.
See more of our video clips HERE
And here are a few stills & part of a magazine that used images from that shoot and some other recent ones in the OR.
Notice how the client was able to link the videos into their online publication to make it more rich and engaging.

Need photos in your OR or a tech clean room?

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