Tips for Becoming a Photographer

If you are interested in photography, or want to become a professional photographer, here are my thoughts & resources.

People ask me fairly often about getting started in photography (for fun or as a small business). Here’s some of what I say & resources for learning to be a better photographer.

So, you are into photography and wondering if you can do more with your camera, or maybe even make the leap into making money as a pro photographer.  It’s a blast for sure— tricky as a business, but to just have fun and earn a little it’s easy to get started. To be an actual professional though is much more than just being paid, it’s, well, being professional— but that’s for another post.
Here are my ‘tips’ posts for new photographers:
Start by reading what I’ve said to people before, via Ken’s Shoot Notes Blog New Photographers Category HERE
Just keep working your way back through the older entries and you’ll see the various things I’ve posted.
One big tip is to really shoot a LOT and to learn to use light and flash well. People getting started really avoid learning that and it really limits them.

Great online learning:

Photo of a Creative Live Class with photographer using a studio light to capture a dancer in the air
I really like the Creative Live videos:
They often have a sales on their photo fundamentals classes, and my affiliate link gets you a $15 discount, even on sale prices (I get $15 too, to be candid— but I wouldn’t recommend them if I didn’t love them so much).
KelbyOne also has a learning track for new photographers:
They are a yearly subscriptions service and I’ve subscribed here and there over the years.

Where to start to become a photographer?

Just start with whatever camera you have, don’t feel you need to run out and buy an expensive kit. Really learn how to do everything you can with your current camera, and take a ton of images— look at your images after each shoot and analyze what works and what doesn’t. Keep improving every time you go out snapping. This is the place to start.
Watch videos to really understand the basics like your camera settings, what your aperture & Shutter speed do, etc.
Never stop learning… and if it doesn’t ever stop being fun, then maybe you’re on to something good 🌟
Check out my key post on how to get started making money as a photographer HERE

Interested in being mentored & possibly joining our team?

If your work is at a beginner-pro level (at least), consider giving us a shout. We have a history of mentoring young photographers who are teachable.

If you have a solid history as a pro, and wouldn’t mind some extra work/collaboration here and there, also get in touch.

We’re contacted fairly often, so please realize it might take a while to hear back from us. Having moved recently to the Durham NC Triangle area, this is where we are looking for help.

We can only respond if you:

  • tell us about your current skill level & types of work you like to do (we do PR, events and theatre)
  • send links to recent work showing you can use light well, including small flash and take good photos in tricky situations

Learn by Assisting HuthPhoto:

If you are a photographer starting to develop your skills, have a fairly flexible schedule and are interested in assisting Ken & Colin to grow in your skills… feel free to get in touch. We occasionally need help and are building a list of possible new assistants.

Behind the Scenes @ HuthPhoto— See We’re FUN!

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