Durham Skyline From DPAC

with some cool reflections added in for good measure

View of Durham from DPAC (with bonus reflections):

I love the view looking toward downtown Durham from DPAC, and shooting through DPAC’s windows can do a number of cool additions that I’m always playing with. You can step back and have the windowpane bars split up the scene a’la Mondrian, or like this, up close you get some nifty reflections. I went for the reflections this time 🙂

Also fun to see the crane and the work progress on the downtown tower.

at DPAC in growing Downtown Durham, NC

Love art?

You can do a deep dive on Piet Mondrian on Artsy.net here… and check out the other artists they have catalogued. I admit to getting very immersed in the documentary photo category, instead of writing this post   — Ken

Solar Eclipse 2017 Photos in North Carolina

Solar Eclipse 2017 Photos from Durham NC We photographed the full eclipse in August 2017, and created the time-lapse of the whole event. It was extra nifty, as many of our neighbors came over while we had our camera rig and big lens out— we had a live feed from the...

Why I Love the Summit Church

When I asked asked Danny Franks of the Summit Church about our doing something nice for the staff, this is what he said: (excerpt of the reply I got from Danny Franks of the Summit Church. I asked if it was OK to drop off a thank you to all the behind the scenes folks...

Late Fall at Duke Gardens

Late Fall at Duke Gardens We took a late fall walk around the Duke Gardens and I’m always struck by something new. Each trip has different light, different things blooming, we take a different path. And the Gardens staff keeps adding, changing and, well... growing the...

What’s a week like for a pro photographer?

People often wonder what we do for a living... so here's a fairly representative week.   (please watch in HD)

DPAC Hamilton Timelapse

DPAC wanted something extra-cool to show off the excitement of announcing the Hamilton tour. So we planned with them and over a period of two days photographed a time-lapse of the banner going up. Every 20 seconds during the work a photo was snapped from the nearby...

Just Being a Dad:

Just Being a Dad: Couldn’t help but stop and chat with these dads at Walnut Street Park. Just their casual guy way of hanging out chatting with each other, and all the while giving a little push to the kids was just classic. And of course the kids were having a blast...

Shadows and Reflections at Southpoint

Shadows and Reflections at Southpoint: shoestringadventuring: shadows & reflections & doors ajar Artsy view of Southpoint. Photo by: Dia

Stark Photos:

Stark Photos: Indulge me for one post of being artsy. I really liked the reflections off of the Durham Center Tower hitting this wall. So, here are two views from slightly different times of day (one B/W, one in the original pale blue color). Photos by HuthPhoto...

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