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We love theatre.

Getting the script to read just sets my imagination flying— what will the set and costuming look like, who will be cast, will the key moment happen in a flash on a dark stage (thanks for that trauma Amadeus!)? As I’m reading the play, I hear the characters in my favorite actor’s voices, and sometimes it ends up that they are actually the ones cast in the roles (Like my friend Skip Greer in Music Man).


Jim Poulos having a wild romp as Mozart in ‘Amadeus’.


How we work.

We’re usually hired to shoot a live final dress rehearsal. At times we do some point to points, and at time actors do freezes for us (usually that’s more a college cast). We quickly edit those down and supply the theater with around 100 images in about a day for their ads, reviews, and PR. Since we supply so many photos with approval for reuse, our PR contacts and their teams keep a stead stream of images on social media.

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