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Over 22 Sea­sons— We’ve cap­tured a lot of shows!

We love theatre.

Get­ting the script to read just sets my imag­i­na­tion fly­ing— what will the set and cos­tum­ing look like, who will be cast, will the key moment hap­pen in a flash on a dark stage (thanks for that trau­ma Amadeus!)? As I’m read­ing the play, I hear the char­ac­ters in my favorite actor’s voic­es, and some­times it ends up that they are actu­al­ly the ones cast in the roles (Like my friend Skip Greer in Music Man).


Jim Pou­los hav­ing a wild romp as Mozart in ‘Amadeus’.


How we work.

We’re usu­al­ly hired to shoot a live final dress rehearsal. At times we do some point to points, and at time actors do freezes for us (usu­al­ly that’s more a col­lege cast). We quick­ly edit those down and sup­ply the the­ater with around 100 images in about a day for their ads, reviews, and PR. Since we sup­ply so many pho­tos with approval for reuse, our PR con­tacts and their teams keep a stead stream of images on social media.

Theatre Portfolio

Don’t miss our the­atre blog posts below…

Theatre Blog Posts:

Want an amaz­ing view of the Durham Per­form­ing Arts Cen­ter? We’ve been doc­u­ment­ing the $1.8 mil­lion ren­o­va­tion at DPCA and to cel­e­brate the big wrap up, we’ve cre­at­ed an immer­sive 360° panora­ma. Just click on the but­ton below, and remem­ber to see it in HD by click­ing…

What’s a week like for a pro photographer?

What’s a week like for a pro photographer?

Peo­ple often won­der what we do for a liv­ing… so here’s a fair­ly rep­re­sen­ta­tive week.   (please watch in HD)

What’s it like on a professional theatre photo shoot?

What’s it like on a professional theatre photo shoot?

What’s it like on a pro­fes­sion­al the­atre pho­to shoot? A lot more goes into pro­mot­ing a the­atre show than you might guess. For My Fair Lady at Play­Mak­ers in Chapel Hill NC, we often do pho­to shoots sev­er­al weeks before the final dress rehearsal to have some great…

DPAC Hamilton Timelapse

DPAC Hamilton Timelapse

DPAC want­ed some­thing extra-cool to show off the excite­ment of announc­ing the Hamil­ton tour. So we planned with them and over a peri­od of two days pho­tographed a time-lapse of the ban­ner going up. Every 20 sec­onds dur­ing the work a pho­to was snapped from the near­by…

PlayMakers’ Measure for Measure at the Library

PlayMakers’ Measure for Measure at the Library

It’s always fun to pho­to­graph Shake­speare per­for­mances, but dou­bly so when it’s a new, cool, pub­lic pro­gram like Mobile Shake­speare. Imag­ine a packed meet­ing room at the library, that mag­i­cal­ly becomes a the­atre in-the-round stage. It was awe­some to see fam­i­lies,…



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