Dr. LaughemSo, there’s this awesome spot you can sit and chill at the ATC. The book case has used books you can buy cheap and really comfy chairs. If you want to find this spot, walk to the water tower and turn toward the DPAC side of things. It’s right next to Cuban...

We’re Art GeniusesOr at least our reflections are.This was a truly wonderful show at NCMA. We’re always there for inspiration, and if you didn’t know, you can go to all ‘normal’ galleries for free at NCMA all the time.  (It’s only special shows you pay for. )What a...

Fountain CowboySeen at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens.photo by: HuthPhotoat the amazing Sarah P. Duke Gardens 

All About Da BullThey show up everywhere… here’s someone adorning their Bull City car at DPAC.photo by: HuthPhotoat the Durham Performing Arts Center in Downtown Durham NC

#2My second dog post of the day… yep, that’s why I called it that ;-)photo by: HuthPhotoat the American Tobacco Campus in Durham NC

Do as I SayOr not. I love snapping Durham’s love affair with doggies.photo by: HuthPhotoTaken at dog-friendly American Tobacco Campus in dog-crazy Durham NC

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