You Guys Photographers?

Durham is chock full of friendly, confident, curious folks, and we get stopped a lot to chat. But beware, that might mean you’ll end up in NiftyDurham if we have a good time (and get a great photo or story to share!)

I figured Kevin was going to tell us he was a photo student at the Art Institute (we were at the ATC taking test photos for a Durham Chamber of Commerce portrait shoot, and that’s where the AI is). But he told us he was at Durham Tech and just hanging out.

He was so comfortable chatting that I asked to grab a few snaps, and when I saw what he was doing after we left, I came back and snapped a couple of quick follow up images (which became the wide photo with the cord out).

Love Durham, love how people engage with you—and the ATC is a fantastic spot to be neighborly and get to know them. And if we meet you, ask for your NiftyDurham button, as one of our photo subjects!

at the ATC, Downtown Durham, NC

photos by: HuthPhoto

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