Weird Moments Frozen in Time

There’s a serendipity to street photography.

There are times when you wait forever for things to come together, exactly as you envision them, and there are times when you just snap and see what comes from the pieces you see developing. 

This is a snap. It’s not high art for street shooting. But I like it. 

I think this photo makes the point about what’s so great about still photography. We walk by little moments like this every day, but because we’re in a rush, our mind is elsewhere, or just that we don’t see things as a frozen blink of time—we miss these moments. I’m forcing you to look at them. And hopefully making you smile.

What do you see in this image? For me, it’s the gestures, the repeating benches, the reflections, the worker guy scuffling off somewhere… 

It reminds me of why I started to love photography in the first place. Photography by people like WeeGee (the Famous!) and Garry Winograd showed me what fun a moment of real life can be when caught on, ummm film, well, pixels… let’s just say when it’s ‘captured’.

at the ATC Downtown Durham, NC

photo by HuthPhoto

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