Training by Denise Johnson of Life Strategies Solutions

Three hours of training, much coffee and Chick-Fil-a consumed.

lots of involvement and questions

always trust a guy that brings his kids to work.

nice turnout & nice folks

Join Us!

always good to end with a cute pro-mentoring song!


One of the best answers to ‘Why Mentor?’ I heard at the meeting for the ReCity training event was ‘I see a need in my city—It’s up to me to work on the solution.’

The ReCity organization won’t be recreating things that other organizations in the Triangle are already doing well… they will just come alongside and help— training mentors to be involved and shining light on what’s being done to help with disconnected youth in our city.

The program grows out of a 4 year successful project at the Summit Church called GoMentor. The new spinoff ReCity was formed after hearing a call from our city of the need for more career focused ideas, giving students a view of what’s possible in their lives and a path to get there. Twenty-two great organizations like the YMCA of the Triangle and the Salvation Army are already on board.

With this newest group at the meeting, the program now has trained about 200 active mentors.

How big is the need?

The Salvation Army’s James Johnson says ‘I can use as many mentors as you can give me!’ and estimates are that we could be involved in the lives of 800+ kids in the Triangle, if we just had the mentors.


ReCity  |  Rewriting the story of our city together.


Think about that. Does that move something down inside you?

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Brier Creek Raleigh/Durham NC

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