Reproduction of a historic Durham NC sign saying: Progress. Durham Renowned the world around. Success.

If you asked me to sum up Durham in one picture, this would be it. A catchy motto, a hint of charm, and a beautiful brick-and-paintbrushes appreciation of the past, all while eagerly pursuing the future.

It also looks really cool.

To see this mural in real life, visit The Streets at Southpoint on Fayetteville Rd. They have a wonderful collections of vintage-style murals that you can appreciate while waiting for a movie or grabbing a bite.

Or, you know, buying things, ‘cause apparently that’s what you’re supposed to do at malls. (I learn something new every day.)


Dia of Shoestring Adventuring here, ambushing your dash for a moment of city pride.

SW Durham, The Streets at Southpoint

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