People are Kind:

Thinking of the good of others in Durham

People are Kind in Durham:

By the time I passed the 6th printout clipped onto a post along several miles of the Third Fork Creek Trail, I realized I had to take a phone-snap and post this. Where else does someone go to this much trouble to return something valuable they found?

It actually made me feel pretty guilty and question myself… would I have just put the item up for someone to (hopefully) recover? Would I have just pocketed something I didn’t think was too valuable or useful to the original owner? I certainly bet I wouldn’t have gone this far, and posted miles worth of signs to help someone recover their item.

So thanks to the ‘finder’ for being so kind, and I totally hope the item got returned!


along the scenic (if at times smelly and flooded  😉 Third Fork Creek Trail in South Durham, NC

photo by: HuthPhoto

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