photo of a mom and child walking in a parking garage


On Parking, Walking & Families in Durham:

I’m consistently amazed that we can park so close to the ATC for free (or up till 6pm, right at the ATC). Try that at any other city.

There’s sort of a weird tension in Durham. Lots of places to park (once you get around the construction!) and then we have this love affair with walking. So you park and have a great time hoofing all around the area checking out what’s new.

I also love the mix of folks at the ATC. In one evening we had people all dressed up for a private party at one of the restaurants, people zipping over to the DPAC for Wicked, and families up at the Ice Factory.

I’ve rarely seen that mix going on, all the time, like at the ATC.

Photo by: PhotoC4

the ATC Downtown Durham NC

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