Creative Durham

In what other town of our size can you just pop into a cool gallery like the Power Plant Gallery and there’s a photo artist brainstorming and chatting about her work— in the middle of some Friday afternoon?

We had the best time talking photo and photo education with artist and teacher MJ Sharp. You can see a peek at her work above, and she was sorting through what pieces she loved and what her final project would become.

Colin and I loved MJ’s work. I can’t say enough how easy it is to make cool things into cool photos… but how about a regular day with family, or bugs, or your backyard at night. MJ’s work shows the depth that comes from playing with ideas and just plain shooting things over and over to see what’s there.

You can learn more about MJ on her site, and see some work HERE.

photos by: HuthPhoto

at the American Tobacco Campus in the  Power Plant Gallery in creative Durham NC.

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