photo of a father and son in the Mellow Mushroom 'Mushroom Booth'


This post is less about me showing off as a photographer (yes, we do that, don’t we 😉 and it’s more about just loving Durham.

This photo is from Oliver’s first trip to Mellow Mushroom today. We’ve visited, (and now live in) Durham, for over a year now, but I have yet to resort to grabbing any  normal, national-chain pizza.

Places like the Mushroom and Pompieri Pizza have kept us nifty. And I can’t wait to continue exploring (I’m looking at YOU Pizza Toro! Twice we missed it because of the fire.)

So here’s to pizza in Durham, and Oliver’s first trip— and a big thanks to our awesome waitress Kiersten for taking this memory photo for us!

Mellow Mushroom the ATC, Downtown Durham, NC

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