Meet Durham’s Newest Artist

It’s not that Chad Smith is a new artist, nope, he’s a legit artist with representations and gallery shows. It’s just he’s a freshly minted Durham artist, having followed his wife here from Upstate NY for her Duke studies just three weeks ago.

I was driving away from a meeting at DPAC (LOVE DPAC!), and as my car went by the Durham Bulls park, it was awesome to see someone with an easel out painting the view.

I quickly pulled over and had to say hi. Glad I did too. I was able to give Chad the official Nifty Durham welcome (Nifty button included) and hear about his work, and his hopes to meet other artist and interesting folks in the area. 

He said ball players have already stopped over to see what he was doing, and he thinks he’ll never run out of ideas to paint at over the ATC.

So if you see someone out painting our town, say hello, particularly if you’re a fellow artist who wants to share ideas.

Durham Bulls Athletic Park, Downtown Durham, NC

see Chad’s work: (he’s terrific!)

photos by: HuthPhoto

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