Groovy Durham

Man, that’s just flat out a cool look.

Maybe you can tell from my images, but most of the time, I’m having a conversation with people and often I ask to take their photo. I will grab the interesting moment now and then when I see it, but part of NiftyDurham is engaging with the folks and getting to know y’all. 

That way, people don’t feel I’m just hit and run, but hopefully they are part of the process, having fun with me, and in the end, I hope they come to the site and grab their photo and love it.

This was taken as part of a larger PR photo file project I’m doing for DPAC. Can’t wait to see how they all get used— some of them are already popping up in the playbill for show, etc… check them out the next time you are seeing a show.

at Durham Performing Arts Center, Downtown Durham, NC

photo by: HuthPhoto

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