Nobody’s Foo

While exploring around Chapel Hill in the spring, I noticed this amazing scooter being decorated and just had to stop and say ‘hi’.

What started as a little curiosity ended in about half an hour of great conversation with local fixture ‘Foo’.  (He didn’t want me to do a portrait sort of thing of him—but showing off his project, he was cool with).

We talked about the people he knows who are ‘living differently’— we’d call them homeless, but Foo had stories from really knowing folks well who were choosing to live without a house, and stay free of all that entails. When one such friend needed money for winter shelter, Foo bought the scooter from them. A scooter really wasn’t necessary for him, but it ended up being a win-win, as it’s now the show piece of his uniques personality.

We also talked about his experiences being accepted or not in the average church when you don’t dress like the average attendee, his career doing music videos, and the fun things he’s done that have made him a staple of the Carrboro culture.

These sort of folks and conversations are really at the heart of why I love this area so much! If you see Foo cruising around Chapel Hill someday, stop and chat— you’ll be better for the time spent.

photos by: HuthPhoto

E. Franklin Street, Chapel Hill NC

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