A Nifty Fathers Day to You All

Nothing I like better than a family walk. I hope these little things are what my kids remember about me. And that I made them laugh…

My best to you fathers today. High five for doing the work, caring, taking the time to notice what’s up with your kids… being in a young person’s life.

And if you didn’t have that sort of relationship with your Dad, I hope you find healing. Our church did a great job discussing both the challenge to be a good dad (not perfect, just present in our kid’s lives), and some realistic insight into those folks who are hurting. Check that talk out HERE.

Now, you’ll excuse me while I run out for some ice cream with the kids… New place just opened up by Southpoint. Maybe there will be photos 😉

photo by: HuthPhoto

taken in family-friendly South Durham, NC

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