Last night started Geva Theatre Center’s 41st season (my 20th with them!) and it kicked off with Pump Boys & Dinettes. Any time we do a Geva show it’s a hugeeee shoot, but musicals are even larger, to get all the action.

This show I shot 1740 frames and my process is to pare that down to about 400 three & four star favorites. I then go over those with an eye toward Geva’s PR and web needs and send them about 100 photos.

Aperture Edit Geva

A peek at my editing screen in Apple’s Aperture program. (click for larger view)

The whole process from 1700 starts with dumping the photos Sunday night after the final dress rehearsal we shoot, and the photos are usually delivered the following Tuesday or Wednesday for Geva ads and reviewers to get the photos before opening night Saturday (this week the show runs in ‘previews’ with an audience).

The Fun Part

The best part of editing the photos (and the one that keeps me up late the first night), is obsessing on ‘did I get that great moment??’ I get to scan quickly though all the shots and get a smile from the shots I nail, and a laugh at the awkward moments. It’s fun to watch a scene develop in camera, build to some great photos… then I try some alternate idea, moving to include other actors or more scenery, grabbing a vertical or a tight shot the actor might like, etc. Then I think through the PR process of ‘what sells the show’? What lets people see what the show is all about in just a few images, is a great moment, makes you laugh. A show like Pump Boys is just so big,  that it actually *looks* as fun and funny as it is.

Finally I also do a quick Facebook edit for the theatre. For this show, they are selling pie and beer on stage, and do a raffle for an audience member to win… ta-da… their choice of car air fresheners!  So those photos are great for Geva’s Facebook.


The Work Part

If it was just picking a few favorite images, it would all be fast and a blast, but then comes the long part of making sure I haven’t missed  something great that didn’t jump of the screen at me earlier. Also, I have to run through and do my basic image adjustments (lighter/darker, color tweaks, and at time retouching out hairline mics when they are used). This takes the longest amount of time. But in the end, I’m ready to deliver.

 How it Works (click to see image larger):

Aperture 3-Good Images

the ‘good’ images… all contenders.

Aperture- top choices

top favorite images… any would be a good PR choice

Aperture 2-delivered

what we delivered… the best shot of each idea. Note horizontal and vertical.

And finally, here’s my personal favorite of the series. I like the false sincerity of  hats over their hearts (this is a deep, meaningful song called Fisherman’s Prayer).

HuthPhoto-KAH_8424-Geva_Pump Boys

In fact, while checking out the shots, why not listen to the song:

or better yet see the show live at Geva Theatre Center until 10/13/13

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