DPAC Cast Parties

There’s something cool going on after most opening nights for Broadway shows at DPAC. 

We’re often asked to cover the cast party (as is the terrific house photographer Noah Rosenblatt-Farrell) and it’s a blast. You’d never know it as you walked by, unless you saw the ‘private party sign outside.

The cast get a taste of Durham at Tyler’s Taproom, and meet with fans. They snap selfies with ATC views behind them and often meet local friends and family. Just a great atmosphere.

These photos are from the Cabaret tour and the cast was so awesome at me snapping them for DPAC. 

You’ll see cast members Randy Harrison, Andrea Goss, Shannon Cochran, Alison Ewing, Mark Nelson, Ned Noyes and Lee Aaron Rosen in the photos above. Also I was able to get tons of the band, ensemble and even some of the national tour staff. Their full bios and more on the show HERE. Great talents.

More photos:  on DPAC’s Facebook.

photos by: HuthPhoto

client: DPAC 

at Tyler’s Taproom (a great place!) at the American Tobacco Campus in lovely downtown Durham NC

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