When we moved down south, we were told there were lots of churches. Yep, that one turned out to be accurate.

I like the signs above, (along Fayetteville Rd at Okelly Chapel Rd), because they hint a bit at some of the choices, and also throw in a few fun wildcards that are very Durham.

So on this Easter and Passover weekend… I hope you know you have choices— including hanging with the non-religious group that started a few months ago in Chapel Hill.  

I love all the different faiths and cultures you see in this area, such a healthy mix of folks living out what’s most important to them.

Seeking, reading, thinking deeply and well on the big issues, learning and growing are such awesome things. It’s a good weekend to consider all that, and be thankful for where we live, and how full our lives are.

Southwest Durham, NC

Photos by HuthPhoto

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