Nope, they weren’t really doing anything wrong, but I just love the look of being caught.

As we’re cruising around nifty Durham, we do bump into a fair number of photographers, snapshot takers, and real photo shoots going on. I guess we’re just too visual a place—and it’s too nice outside to hide in studios like up north.

I wish I had more time to talk with these young guys about photography. It’s really cool to see what everyone is doing… if you bump into this post guys— send me a link, so I can see how your photo session ended up.

Two seconds of photo-geek speak:

Man, I love how my little Fuji X-E2 camera captures a scene like this.

I do definitely tweak shots I post here (mostly bringing out detail in the wall on the left, in this image), but for the most part, that’s the color we saw in that alley and the camera just nailed it. That’s why we stopped in the first place was how awesome the colors were.

If you are considering a better-than-snapshot camera, consider the Fuji X series. Check out my blog post about why here on HuthPhoto.com

If you are a Fuji X shooter, a street photographer, don’t be shy about asking questions or sending me link to what you’re doing with your X camera!

Photo by HuthPhoto

Downtown Durham, NC

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