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We’ve done two waves of file photography for Isaac Heating and Air Conditioning. Our client said that after years of hiring an ad agency, they couldn’t understand the value it added to a photo shoot, so contacted and worked with us directly (saving them money, giving them direct input into the project, and allowing them to work with a new photographer— me!)  We  created a long-term file of images that they used to redesign their web site & ads. They also created new  pages for their regional branches and sub-divisions.


Why a File Shoot?

The ability to walk away with a file of hundreds of images that are not fake ‘stock photos’, but exactly what you want, with your people, approved for any future use, is wildly efficient and cost effective for clients.

With two days of shooting in Rochester, then several more days working the entire Upstate NY region, we covered 5 sites for the client. They just hoped to get some quick building photos of the regional offices, but we were able to deliver the buildings, staff photos, facilities and even some sales and working situations to add some real value.

Enjoy a peek at some of the over 300 images we delivered and thanks to everyone from Ray Isaac on down. What a fantastic business. My team was thoroughly impressed with their staff, training, attitude and quality. 

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