Save the Bees

You know bees are in trouble, right? If not, check out my story on that HERE and the info linked below. 

Well, artist Matt Willey of The Good of the Hive, figures the bees’ cause will get more attention if he reminds us how awesome and lovely bees are. You know, you get more done by using honey…

Matt gets super passionate and animated when he’s talking about just how fascinating bees are and how all of us becoming more educated and excited will lead to positive change. Ask him where the idea for his organization came from, and see for yourself.

Now, your task is to run over, near Burt’s Bees (the side of the building that makes an alley with the North Parking Deck), and check out the new mural Matt is working on in association with Burt’s Bees employees. You can see the pre-planning going on in the photos above, and then Burt’s employees will swarm in and paint the rest of the wall mural flowers in one day to compliment Matt’s bees and honeycomb art.

The design, variety, realism and just fun of a whole wall full of bees is wonderful. It nicely compliments the hive full of live bees you can see (busily) working away around the corner.

So we had a fantastic chat with Matt. He’s living in Asheville now, but will be in the Durham area for quite a while. We’re also excited to check out a mural project he’ll be doing soon with Chapel Hill school kids, so stay posted… and spread the buzz about saving the bees. (I couldn’t help myself 😉

Learn more about Matt’s projects HERE.

Educate yourself on bees HERE & see my prior story HERE.

photos by: HuthPhoto

at Burt’s Bees at the sweet American Tobacco Campus in Downtown Durham, NC

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