Where’s Durham-O ?

Wow, that didn’t work, but you get the idea.

This was our first Back Porch Music on the Lawn event at the ATC and we were amazed at the turnout (filling the lawn natch, but also filling both sides of the walkways to either side… and this was for Bluegrass music— which is awesome and all, but you just might not expect to fight the crowd to see it). 

Well, in Durham, we turn out for stuff. And boy, it was a lovely eve and just felt like a long, sweet summer is starting.

Thanks to the American Tobacco Campus for hosting these free events! See the full schedule of shows running through September 8th on the ATC site.

Wow, looking at the photo up big (please do, it’s really fun)… I love all the people, positions they are in, gestures, expressions, etc, etc. Crowds are so interesting to photograph. It reminds me of this beach photo by my hero, ‘Weegee the Famous’.

photo by: HuthPhoto

at the American Tobacco Campus in friendly downtown Durham NC

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