39 Steps (A Hitchcock Farce) @ Geva

We were running a bit behind on the tech for the final dress of 39 Steps, but that gave me some extra time to dial in my light setting and enjoy just being part of a show with a wacky cast. Seeing the work that went into getting just the right pitch for the ‘dead body’ from the balcony, or romantic times with the marionette sheep, keep us laughing till we got to thirty minutes, places and time for curtain. Here are some of the casual shots as we rehearsed. (click for larger view)


  • JOHN GREGORIO as Richard Hannay
  • AARON MUNOZ as Clown #1 (meaning many, many roles!)
  • JOEL VAN LIEW as Clown #2 (ditto)
  • MONICA WEST as Pamela/Annabelle/Margaret ( a Rochester NY native)

Full Cast & Crew Credits with more about Geva Theatre Center HERE

See all the photos from 39 Steps big HERE and past Geva shows on my gallery site HERE

Enjoy a peek at this wonderfully wild show:
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