Any excuse to check out the new 21C Museum Hotel is worth it, so make sure you stop in on a 3rd Friday, or to eat at the Counting House & tour around a little. There’s art scattered all over and it’s pretty well labeled where you’ll find all the coolness.

Our excuse came by way of the Art Prize artist pitch event (see our Durham winner Heather Gordon’s art project here.) 

And as much as the museum’s art was cool, provocative, etc, etc… you know we loved what they did with the building the most. Seeing how they preserved the awesome deco parts, added their amazing 21C flare to areas like the mirrored stairways, cloud video screens, and yes, we loved the groovy tech bathrooms and fuschia penguins— 21c rates high on the nifty-meter.

We can’t wait to see when the downstairs gallery has a new show up, and I’ve heard the vault space is cool, but we didn’t see it. 

21C does docent lead tours on Wednesday & Fridays 5-6pm—so there’s no excuse not to visit this spot… or go nuts and do a date night sleepover— costs are less than normal ‘big city’ rates like Chicago or Boston. 

Downtown Durham, NC on North Corcoran Street

photos by: HuthPhoto

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