100% Guilty

I know. I’m doing too much at the American Tobacco Campus, but I flat out love the place. It was actually a big part of our early (and ongoing, as you can tell!) love affair with Durham.

You see things like the ATC and Brightleaf Square on all the Durham visitor info and sites, so you know to come, but there are two things that totally sold me on the ATC. 

First, of course is the vibe— people actually go and hang out there. It’s not a ghost town like other cities might have if they did something like this project.

The second sounds silly, but says a lot about Durham. There’s free and plentiful 2 hour parking in a garage right at the ATC. 

A revelation. At any point, I can say, ‘Hey, let’s meet at the ATC and visit’, get there in 15 minutes and actually have a great parking spot.

It’s the little things to making urban planning click for real people, I guess.

at the American Tobacco Campus, Durham NC

photo by: HuthPhoto

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