What’s it like doing photography in an operating room at Duke ?

we do still pho­tos and video clips in the OR for Duke OB/Gyn

What it’s like to do photography of an operating room at Duke:

Col­in and I are med­ical­ly cleared to work in OR’s, which involves lots of excit­ing shots and tests.
Duke OB/GYN want­ed to show off their robot­ic surgery work, as well as the teach­ing aspect (the sec­ond Da Vin­ci unit is so a younger doc can also be involved and learn from the surgery).
We have to arrive crazy ear­ly in the morn­ing, get in a sur­gi­cal clean suit, in some sit­u­a­tions scrub in, then we off we go to cap­ture the surgery. We can’t touch any­thing in the OR, and try to stay as much out of the way as pos­si­ble.
Duke OB used us to do some HD video clips as well, rather than add anoth­er per­son into the over­flow­ing surgery suite. We offer the video clip ser­vice as an add on to most shoots, as a quick way to get high qual­i­ty bits of video for your social media.
See more of our video clips HERE
And here are a few stills & part of a mag­a­zine that used images from that shoot and some oth­er recent ones in the OR.
Notice how the client was able to link the videos into their online pub­li­ca­tion to make it more rich and engag­ing.

Need photos in your OR or a tech clean room?

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