I just did a sweet sto­ry fol­low­ing kit­ty shel­ter vol­un­teers in Cary NC. I love not just being a cor­po­rate pho­tog­ra­ph­er in Durham NC, but also being able to do fun pho­to­jour­nal­ism in the Tri­an­gle NC area for caus­es via my Nifty­Durham sto­ries and pho­to­blog.

Kit­ties in the Tri­an­gle area have more than nine lives, they also have guardian angels. Cat Angels in Cary gives aban­doned kit­ties a home, health, love and a path to adop­tion.

See my com­plete sto­ry HERE as I fol­low Cat Angel vol­un­teers around for a morning—and please learn more about adopt­ing a cat at Cat Angels site HERE . Adop­tion is very rea­son­ably priced and the cats are healthy and loved. And if you love giv­ing back and cats: 
con­sid­er vol­un­teer­ing— you’ll feel warm & fuzzy, I promise!

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