There’s a few real­ly sweet things about Maple View Farm. One is, of course, the awe­some farm-fresh ice cream. The view from the front porch is pret­ty awe­some too, for those of us who miss coun­try fields.

But we had an extra sweet moment vis­it­ing with Willie the bal­loon man who’s often at Maple View mak­ing bal­loon art for the kids. It seems like a nice way to keep inter­act­ing with kids, sup­port him­self and pro­mote his busi­ness (he told us he’s active at com­mu­ni­ty, church and town events).

Oh, and the ice cream real­ly is amaz­ing.

Maple View Farm, Chapel Hill, NC

pho­tos by: Huth­Pho­to

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