Behind the Scenes With the Grinch Tour at DPAC

Fun things you see while work­ing at for a the­atre

Behind the Scenes at DPAC During the Grinch Tour

You know how when you go to a show at at the­atre like DPAC, you can some­times see the view from where you seats are… to help you pick your ide­al spot? Well, DPAC’s were look­ing out­dat­ed, so we were hired to update the view from every sec­tion… all 38 of them!

Here’s where they’ll end up: DPAC Inter­ac­tive Seat­ing Guide

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Col­in snap­ping his way through the seat­ing sec­tions at DPAC.

Some of the fun things you see work­ing behind the scenes in the­atre.

One of our final seat­ing views. This is from one of DPAC’s high­est bal­cony areas… not a bad seat in the house, eh?

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