Pump Boys & Dinettes @ Geva

What a great way to open the season, and celebrate the start of my 20th season as Geva’s photographer. Pump Boys & Dinettes was staged once before at Geva, right before I started, so I couldn’t wait to see it.
As always, the cast, music (provided by the performers themselves, which is rare), lighting and choreography were total national-class. Adding to the fun is lot of audience interaction (we had a pretty good house for the final dress shoot), and the pie sale during intermission was a hit during the entire run. People just get a kick going up on stage and it plays to artistic director Mark Cuddy’s vision of Geva as a non-stuffy place, where you can sit with a drink… or some pie, and see amazing live theatre.


  • FARAH ALVIN as Prudie Cupp
  • TRAVIS ARTZ as Jackson
  • NATHAN DAME as Eddie/Music Director
  • ERIN MAGUIRE as Rhetta Cupp

Full Cast & Crew Credits with more about Geva Theatre Center HERE

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Enjoy a few photos from the show:

  • pie during intermission with director Mark Cuddy
  • air freshener raffle
  • Cast photo for display at the House of Guitars
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