young boy and girl at ice rink laughingcolor photo of the young couple skating away from camera holding handsblack and white photo of a young boy and girl at ice rink kissing

Nineteen & In Love:

I met this sweet cou­ple as they were skat­ing around all alone hold­ing hands at the ATC Ice Fac­to­ry. Hav­ing a cam­era all the time is great, since it allows me an excuse to talk to peo­ple, give them a pho­to of a moment in their lives and learn a bit more about them.

They were talk­ing about being togeth­er and only 19, and I said how cool would it be if they end up mar­ried for­ev­er and these pho­tos became some­thing they hold onto as a life­long mem­o­ry.

Pho­to by Huth­Pho­to

at the ATC Down­town Durham NC

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