Why I Love the Summit Church

OK, there are lots of rea­sons, but being fun is a good start

When I asked asked Danny Franks of the Summit Church about our doing something nice for the staff, this is what he said:

(excerpt of the reply I got from Dan­ny Franks of the Sum­mit Church. I asked if it was OK to drop off a thank you to all the behind the scenes folks who real­ly keep the place run­ning, and how it would work out/what they might like as a staff)

Ken, that’s so very kind of you. Thank you!

The way this typ­i­cal­ly works:

  • You drop off good­ies at the front desk.
  • Front desk shoots an email to all staff, detail­ing said good­ies and the goody-giv­er, and announc­ing the loca­tion.
  • Swarm of locusts descend in an Exo­dus-style calo­rie-infused epic saga.
  • Old and cranky locusts yell at the City Project locusts to stop eat­ing our staff treats and get off our lawn.
  • Strag­gling locusts show up 20 min­utes lat­er, bummed that they don’t get treats, but still grate­ful for the fact that some­one cares, and that there were treats.
  • Locusts who decid­ed to work off site that day dis­cov­er that cubi­cle life isn’t so bad after all and actu­al­ly has some perks.
  • Full and hap­py locusts make fun of hun­gry and sad (yet grate­ful) locusts, because that’s how full church staff locusts roll.

That was way too much info.

As far as staff pref­er­ence, I’m going to go with a sol­id “What­ev­er.” We love ice cream, cook­ies, bagels, pota­to chips, pop­corn, cof­fee, chick­en nuggets, brown­ies, lob­ster rolls, filet mignon…whatever you pick will be very much appre­ci­at­ed.

Except kale. Kale will bring church dis­ci­pline.

I’m cc’ing our incred­i­ble front desk team (Reema and Kim) so they can be aware that you may be com­ing in.

Again, thank you. This project is awesome. You rock!

A lit­tle P.S. is in order: this is right down the alley of one of our Down­town Durham mem­bers. Not sure if you’ve met Car­rie McQuaid, but her kind­ness sto­ry went viral a cou­ple of months back. Y’all would hit it off!


Ken Note:

So, ya, it’s OK to be fun­ny and have a faith.

If you want more proof, check out the run­ning April Fools jokes Dan­ny does each year HERE.

And don’t miss the news sto­ry of the oth­er ‘kind’ Sum­mit mem­ber HERE.

One of Danny Franks’ April Fools Videos

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