Photo of beat up looking magazine distribution boxes with the legs of a man walking by


I want­ed to say some­thing smarmy here about ‘old media’, just because of the pho­to, but I can’t.

Just tak­ing a cheap crack at paper pub­li­ca­tions, is too easy and real­ly I LOVE what I get from things like Durham Mag­a­zine (and I read the News & Observ­er, Indy, Car­oli­na Liv­ing, etc). And, umm, I’ve flipped through Car­oli­na Woman to look for pos­si­ble clients… Just that, I swear.

So the dilemma—post the pho­to with fake barbs, or scrap it?

I just decid­ed to post it and tell the truth. And I still think it’s an inter­est­ing image, and leave the inter­pret­ing up to you. I do sort of won­der though, when these ugly box­es will go away in the city, and peo­ple will get the pub­li­ca­tions else­where.

Pho­to by Huth­Pho­to

Down­town Durham, NC

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