(note: this is the first post for my NiftyDurham blog, where I post photos and thoughts on my new hometown of Durham NC. It was originally posted in 2014 on another platform)

Look Down:

One of my first impres­sions of Durham’s down­town are these met­al plates in the side­walk. Not sure what the bull’s doing actu­al­ly… any input on this??

Get­ting ready to eat a Bull City Burg­er? Nah, that just can’t be right… ATC Smoke­stack smokin’ away and he’s hav­ing a sniff? I’m at a loss, but they are dis­tinc­tive and show the grit of ‘grit­ty Durham’

Pho­to by: Huth­Pho­to

Down­town Durham.

Bull City Burg­er

ATC Smoke­stack

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