Groovy Durham

Man, that’s just flat out a cool look.

Maybe you can tell from my images, but most of the time, I’m hav­ing a con­ver­sa­tion with peo­ple and often I ask to take their pho­to. I will grab the inter­est­ing moment now and then when I see it, but part of Nifty­Durham is engag­ing with the folks and get­ting to know y’all. 

That way, peo­ple don’t feel I’m just hit and run, but hope­ful­ly they are part of the process, hav­ing fun with me, and in the end, I hope they come to the site and grab their pho­to and love it.

This was tak­en as part of a larg­er PR pho­to file project I’m doing for DPAC. Can’t wait to see how they all get used— some of them are already pop­ping up in the play­bill for show, etc… check them out the next time you are see­ing a show.

at Durham Per­form­ing Arts Cen­ter, Down­town Durham, NC

pho­to by: Huth­Pho­to

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