Got Lamb?

There was mag­ic in the air, or maybe it was just all that lamb roast­ing for gyros, as we stood in line for our first St. Barbara’s greek fest. These peo­ple have done a this over and over, and so it all runs like clock­work.

As we were stand­ing in line, we got to meet the vol­un­teers who were giv­ing the order­ing spiel for the zil­lionth time. We loved them, we thanked them and we record­ed them for pos­ter­i­ty doing their thing for NifttDurham!

By the way, we of course got gyros, bakla­va by the full tray, and oth­er assort­ed good­ies. Yes, I’ve gained 5 pounds since mov­ing to Durham.

South­west Durham NC near South Pointe Mall

pho­tos by: Huth­Pho­to

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