It’s Heeeereee— Google Fiber

One of the things I looked for in a city to move to was a tech area that would be con­nect­ed and have oppor­tu­ni­ties to expand all the tech stuff I do in my pho­to busi­ness.

I total­ly took it as a good omen, when just a bit after our move was com­plete Google announced Durham as a pos­si­ble final­ist to get their amaz­ing high speed (1000Mbps up AND down at the same time) Google Fiber ser­vice.

Well, look what’s hap­pen­ing in our South Durham neigh­bor­hood.

The top pho­to, the Google folks came by to address issues with con­struc­tion in the neigh­bor­hood, to answer all of my geeky ques­tions about get­ting fiber installed, and to give us LocoPops! (yes, you can tell this is a local team, not from out of town 🙂

The bot­tom pho­to is all of the nota­tions of the oth­er util­i­ties for Google’s crews to avoid, and their instal­la­tion notes.

A few quick interesting points: They will be installing amazing new modems that will have not only Wifi built in, but also Google Chromecast for ‘net streaming your Netflix YouTube, etc. to the TV. This is outside of the actual TV channel upgrade you can get. 

The modem should play nice with your exist­ing wifi routers if they are fair­ly new (like we use one to boost the sign through­out our house)… but you may not need your old wifi box, as this new router they are releas­ing has a ton (11?) anten­nas and gives an aver­age house great cov­er­age.


Price-wise, they say to expect it to be in line with what we see in oth­er cities have ($70/mo full ser­vice, or a dis­count­ed, slow­er ser­vice for $40/mo is what I’ve seen). 

TV Fea­tures:

The TV upgrade will have a uni­fied search fea­ture, so if you search it for a show you love, it’ll search all of the chan­nels you sub­scribe to, your Chrome­cast ser­vices like Net­flix and YouTube, etc… to give you all the options. No more search­ing for a show on Net­flix, not find­ing it, then search­ing on Ama­zon Prime Video, and doing that over and over.

We’re pret­ty pumped to get ser­vice.

So When Do They Throw the Switch?

The total­ly, total­ly unof­fi­cial word is that some areas of the Tri­an­gle that are now see­ing con­struc­tion crews could be con­nect­ed this cal­en­dar year. 

Bring it on. I can’t wait to see what cool, nifty stuff we do with this speed. 

Even the Google techs I talked to said it’s trans­for­ma­tive to have every­thing you do just pop up, ready to go… like when we all switched from dial-up to cable.

pho­tos by: Huth­Pho­to of the tech cap­i­tal of the south, Durham NC

tak­en in South Durham, NC

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