First Visit to Durham NC!

We’re mov­ing Huth­Pho­to south over the next year, and have honed in on the ‘Tri­an­gle’ region of Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill NC as the place to go.  NY clients, don’t wor­ry, we’ll still be fly­ing back for our big events togeth­er!

In Jan­u­ary, my daugh­ter Lydia & I had a won­der­ful vis­it to the Durham area. It was also a great chance to test out the new Fuji X series cam­eras. (Lydia start­ed it all, get­ting the X20, My son Col­in of PhotoC4 owns the Fuji X100s and XE‑1, and we just bought my wife Lisa the X10 for Christ­mas). Yes, you read that right, I don’t have a Fuji X yet. But my wife was kind enough to let me use her’s on the trip and we had a blast.

So any­way, enough pho­to-geek talk—back to our trip to Durham.  We thor­ough­ly loved it, rarely got lost and were glad to see how thriv­ing the whole area is. We also toured the NC Muse­um of Art in Raleigh (won­der­ful col­lec­tion and free). One sur­prise was the amaz­ing Egypt­ian art & arti­facts there too. Check out a few of my snaps below, and our short list of favorite spots.

  • DSCF2922
  • DSCF2897
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Lydia-Durham HuthPhoto-DSCF2970

Lydia with her Fuji X20 snap­ping away like mad at the ATC. Loved the faux vin­tage graph­ics. Lydi­a’s pho­tos of the Durham & Savan­nah trips are post­ed HERE.

Some of our best times on the trip were just wan­der­ing around the streets, see­ing the cool busi­ness­es and meet­ing peo­ple. So many busi­ness folks were real­ly nice about say­ing they need­ed pho­tog­ra­phy.  Durham is such a visu­al city, and I can’t wait to be there in the spring, to have more peo­ple out and activ­i­ty going on.

Short list of what we loved while visiting Durham:

  • The city is so walk­a­ble. We just parked and off we went
  • Bull City Con­nec­tor: Free bus (clean, on time!) along the main route, mak­ing extend­ing our roam­ing so easy. They even have an app with real-time track­ing.
  • All the book shops: I’ve for­got­ten how good it is to be in real, non-chain book­stores. Lydia bought a late 1800’s book, and I bought Durham Tales by Jim Wise, which has a heap of local his­to­ry and anec­dotes. I know where the name Bull City comes from now!
  • The Amer­i­can Tobac­co Cam­pus: Yes, I took the nor­mal touristy pho­tos of the tow­er and Lucky Strike smoke­stack (hey, pun!). They had just fin­ished the out­door skat­ing, and we failed to find a geo­cache near the bench­es there.
  • Duke Gar­dens, even in Jan­u­ary were so love­ly and peace­ful. I can’t believe how many trees are on cam­pus. And the Duke Chapel was won­der­ful. We took the time for a quick prayer once inside… so inspir­ing.
  • For the first time, we tried AirBnB, and were so hap­py with our accom­mo­da­tions & host… and they had kit­ties too!
  • The Tri­an­gle’s busi­ness sense. I don’t know how to put it, but things are hap­pen­ing and grow­ing in ways they just aren’t in Upstate NY. With the Sus­tain A Bull (shop local­ly) pro­gram, a mil­lion cof­fee shops like Cocoa Cin­na­mon, and amaz­ing­ly no Star­bucks… it’s a unique place. A very ‘anti-chain store’, fol­low your pas­sions kin­da place. And it’s a place I can see doing busi­ness.
  • Durham Per­form­ing Arts Cen­ter (DPAC): We saw Once there and it’s such a great venue.
  • The Food… and the Peo­ple again: The eve before the show we were at Mel­low Mush­room Piz­za and my daugh­ter heard the young ladies in the booth behind us talk­ing about the show, and she (total­ly unlike her) turned around and start­ed a great con­ver­sa­tion with them. Peo­ple are just so approach­able here! We also ate at James Joyce… loved the Bangers & Mash
  • Sum­mer, the own­er of LocoPops (gourmet pop­si­cles, of course! Yelp them HERE) gave us great insight into what neigh­bors to look for hous­es, as well as how to let local busi­ness know we’re avail­able

So that’s a peek at our first tip to Durham, NC. Any chance you know of a busi­ness or orga­ni­za­tion that needs fast, flex­i­ble and friend­ly PR pho­tog­ra­phy?? Please send them to our site, or con­tact us and we’ll take great care of them.

Here’s a fun time-compressed peek at our trip:

(PS: It’s extra-nice in HD… so check it out with the HD option on Vimeo)

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