Last night start­ed Geva The­atre Cen­ter’s 41st sea­son (my 20th with them!) and it kicked off with Pump Boys & Dinettes. Any time we do a Geva show it’s a hugeeee shoot, but musi­cals are even larg­er, to get all the action.

This show I shot 1740 frames and my process is to pare that down to about 400 three & four star favorites. I then go over those with an eye toward Geva’s PR and web needs and send them about 100 pho­tos.

Aperture Edit Geva

A peek at my edit­ing screen in Apple’s Aper­ture pro­gram. (click for larg­er view)

The whole process from 1700 starts with dump­ing the pho­tos Sun­day night after the final dress rehearsal we shoot, and the pho­tos are usu­al­ly deliv­ered the fol­low­ing Tues­day or Wednes­day for Geva ads and review­ers to get the pho­tos before open­ing night Sat­ur­day (this week the show runs in ‘pre­views’ with an audi­ence).

The Fun Part

The best part of edit­ing the pho­tos (and the one that keeps me up late the first night), is obsess­ing on ‘did I get that great moment??’ I get to scan quick­ly though all the shots and get a smile from the shots I nail, and a laugh at the awk­ward moments. It’s fun to watch a scene devel­op in cam­era, build to some great pho­tos… then I try some alter­nate idea, mov­ing to include oth­er actors or more scenery, grab­bing a ver­ti­cal or a tight shot the actor might like, etc. Then I think through the PR process of ‘what sells the show’? What lets peo­ple see what the show is all about in just a few images, is a great moment, makes you laugh. A show like Pump Boys is just so big,  that it actu­al­ly *looks* as fun and fun­ny as it is.

Final­ly I also do a quick Face­book edit for the the­atre. For this show, they are sell­ing pie and beer on stage, and do a raf­fle for an audi­ence mem­ber to win… ta-da… their choice of car air fresh­en­ers!  So those pho­tos are great for Geva’s Face­book.


The Work Part

If it was just pick­ing a few favorite images, it would all be fast and a blast, but then comes the long part of mak­ing sure I haven’t missed  some­thing great that did­n’t jump of the screen at me ear­li­er. Also, I have to run through and do my basic image adjust­ments (lighter/darker, col­or tweaks, and at time retouch­ing out hair­line mics when they are used). This takes the longest amount of time. But in the end, I’m ready to deliv­er.

 How it Works (click to see image larger):

Aperture 3-Good Images

the ‘good’ images… all con­tenders.

Aperture- top choices

top favorite images… any would be a good PR choice

Aperture 2-delivered

what we deliv­ered… the best shot of each idea. Note hor­i­zon­tal and ver­ti­cal.

And final­ly, here’s my per­son­al favorite of the series. I like the false sin­cer­i­ty of  hats over their hearts (this is a deep, mean­ing­ful song called Fish­er­man’s Prayer).

HuthPhoto-KAH_8424-Geva_Pump Boys

In fact, while check­ing out the shots, why not lis­ten to the song:

or bet­ter yet see the show live at Geva The­atre Cen­ter until 10/13/13

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