Late Fall at Duke Gardens

circular stone vase with water and fall leaves floating

monochrome image of a plant and its shadow

We took a late fall walk around the Duke Gar­dens and I’m always struck by some­thing new.

Each trip has dif­fer­ent light, dif­fer­ent things bloom­ing, we take a dif­fer­ent path. And the Gar­dens staff keeps adding, chang­ing and, well… grow­ing the gar­dens. It’s a won­der­ful gem for Durham.

small peephole with the iconic red Duke Gardens Asian-syle red bridge showing though it

The cir­cle image is tak­en through one of the asian gar­den stat­ues, look­ing at the icon­ic red bridge.

So here’s how I see the Duke Gar­dens today… and we’ll see how I see it again in a few weeks, and in a few years…

(click images to see larg­er)

pho­tos by: Huth­Pho­to

at the Sarah P. Duke Gar­dens, Durham NC

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