De Profundis Explores Oscar Wilde at PlayMakers

A new show star­ing Nicole Vil­lamil at UNC Chapel Hill

PlayMakers in Chapel Hill produced an exciting new play based entirely on the text of letters that Oscar Wilde while in prison.

We gave it the full treat­ment, includ­ing stay­ing long to get some real­ly inter­est­ing extra images as the end of the show was in tech rehearsal. That allowed some extra close/­su­per-wide image, some behind the scenes shots, as well as a few cool images show­ing the whole space and cre­atives work­ing. The stage and seat­ing were also real­ly dif­fer­ent, with seat­ing on either side of a stage island. Check out the pho­tos below, or the full gallery to see what a unique show this was.

De Pro­fundis was direct­ed by Bri­an Mertes & Jim Find­lay was on the cre­ative team. Read all about the show on Play­Mak­ers’ site HERE

See our full gallery of images HERE.

Enjoy look­ing at the­atre pho­tos? Scope out our the­atre port­fo­lio HERE.

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